As an Introspective Hypnosis practitioner, I assist my clients in connecting with their highest self, to provide answers to questions regarding their life purpose, relationships, health conditions, phobias, and other issues. Often times, we find that past life experiences, which are stored in our subconscious mind, affect our current lives, similar to how childhood memories affect us as adults. Our Body is a repository of memories, including the emotions we associate with these memories. Repressed emotions can manifest themselves as symptoms of physical pain, headaches, cancer, low self esteem, depression, fears, obsessions, and more. A hypnosis session allows you to access your subconscious mind and discover the origin of these symptoms, which originate from both current and past lives. Once we understand the psychological and emotional origins, and deal with them, the symptoms disappear.

We are living in extraordinary times, and many are going through an awakening which is prompting them to seek answers. A hypnosis session can help you to connect to your highest self and provide guidance along your spiritual path.

I have always been a big believer that there is so much more to life than the everyday grind we have all become so accustomed to. Years ago, I became fascinated with the work of Dolores Cannon, a world renowned hypnotist and reporter of lost knowledge. She has written many books including, the 3 Waves of Volunteers & The New Earth and Between Life & Death, cataloging the knowledge gained through her Quantum Healing Hypnosis sessions, also known as QHHT. To anyone who reads her books, they will quickly discover there is a lot of lost knowledge about humanity and the times we are living in. My Introspective Hypnosis Sessions are conducted both in person and online and are Not QHHT, offering a more free style approach and also deals with spirit attachments.

In 2015 I realized there was so much more to understand about life and our world than the main stream can provide. I became fascinated with the Introspective Hypnosis technique because it allows us to access information we cannot get from our conscious minds, while providing a path to forgiveness and healing. We are living in an age of discovery and awakening, and it is my calling to use this amazing technique to empower others to become their best selves and find peace and abundance. I am a certified Introspective Hypnosis practitioner and learned the technique from Alba Weinman & Antonio Sangio. I am also certified in Beyond Quantum Healing developed by Candace Craw–Goldman.